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Humanity is now the greatest powers of earth but it came at a long price of suffering. Long ago humanity was ruled by four gods of anarchy. The four gods ruled over the small villages of man kind many being possessed by there demons.

The possessed attacked and herded humanity like cattle sacrificing many to the gods. As this went on more and more people gained the courage to fight the gods. Humanity fought hard and long till five humans managed to seal the gods back in a dark void.

Humanity soon over came the gods minions. As the time of darkness ended humanity began to rebuild. The five warriors led the rebuilding but knowing if the gods came back there was no chance they could do it again.

They built the warrior academy's many humans joined to learn to protect many and to hunt down the last of the demons.

"Teacher!" A student called out to the teacher. "Yes?" The teacher responded. "How did the five warriors seal the gods of anarchy away?" She asks the teacher. "It is unknown but many say it was a magic stone or the power of courage." The teacher said proudly.

The student giggled a bit and the bell rang. "Ok class remember assignment 642 you are to write a paper on one of five warriors." He says to them.

As the class flooded out the student met with her group of friends. "Michelle how was class?" Alaina asked he friend. "Boring just the story about humanity again." She says. "Well it's important to learn about how we became free. " Alaina said.

"Well maybe we should just head out to the party tonight." Michelle says to them. Alaina looked to her friend. "I don't want to go I hear Krory and Nathan are going there and you know what they did to William." Alaina says to her.

"Well we ignore them and hang out with just us." Michelle says. Alaina looked to there group of friends and sighed. "I'm not going sorry not after they made William the laughing stock of the school and made him leave the city." She says walking away.

Michelle sighed softly. She remembered her friend William. He was friendly but had his faults. Saddly many of the students picked on him do to his armour being the only thing to give him his abilities.

It was then that Krory and Nathan challenged him to a fight in the school gym inviting everyone. The fight was long and hard but William was winning the fight his armour protecting him from multiple attacks. Though William had managed to keep both of them on the ground and won the fight after the battle they humiliated William the next day by tying him to the school flag pole and defacing his armour by spray painting hurtful slogans.

It was then everyone laughed at a enraged William. William worked his way out of the ropes and pushed his way through the crowd of laughing students. He retrieved his armour and soon left with out a word to anyone. It was then later that everyone discovered that William had left the safety of the city and went into the wild never wanting to return.

Michelle looked to the flag pole out side it was hurtful to see that day. She tried to help but she wasn't allowed through. She felt guilty because of it and including all of his friends who couldn't help him.
It was later at night and Michelle and her friends came to the party excluding Alaina. She came to the party with her friends Davina and Savana who preferred Savvy as her name.  The group stood at the food table seeing Nathan and Krory partying with everyone. They felt like it was a party at William expense since they had no clue if he was alive.

"Those two deserve to be met with my spear!" Davina said to them under her breath.  Savvy looked to her and sighed. "Nothing we can do about it if we challenge them here they would cheat by having everyone else fight." She says.

Michelle sighed softly. She wished her boy friend was here or Alaina that way she could be having a better time.

As the party continued the decided to dance with the crowd and have fun at the party. Though it was later everyone was deciding to head back for to there dorms for the rest of the night. Nathan and Krory where the first to exit the house and along with everyone else.

Nathan and Krory soon saw the three girls and decided to mess with them like they always did.

Davina and Savvy where ready to grab there weapons and attack them in rage. But a noticeable figure in the moon light stopped everything. The figure wore bulky armour with spikes. It's hands where big like it wore gauntlets but it had saws at on the bottom of them. It had tusks like that of a mammoth and it's eyes a blood red.

"Hey man parties over go home." One of the drunk party goers said to the figure. He didn't budge as if he was a statue or something. "Hey man did you hear him?!"Nathan yelled to the figure.

The figure soon began to walk towards the crowd as if he wanted something. Krory and Nathan got ever more angry  wanting to beat this guy up. Both guys charged at the figure wanting to just get a fight in and because they hated to be ignored.

The two pulled out there weapons. Krory had a blade with  duel ended blade and Nathan took out two clawed weapons. They came to strike but where stopped by the figure grabbing both of them by the heads.

"You two are annoying." He says to them his helm making him sound like a demon.  Suddenly a loud screeching noise came from the figure. The blades they were running. Everyone covered there ears the sound was horrible like that of a screaming child. The figure soon threw the two away as they screamed in pain.

"You are all nothing if you can't stand to the screaming gauntlets." He says to everyone. "Let it be known I am Aximand the new dark lord of the gods of Anarachy! I am there chosen lord  of chaos and destruction!" He yells to the students who where recovering from the pain of the saws.

"What...gods of...Anarchy?" Michelle said shocked to hear this. "Your just a poser!" Krory yelled to lord.  "If I am prove it kill me where I stand." He says.

Krory again stood up and charged The Lord. But this time he took a deep breath. The yell that came out was not just loud. It was as if is voice could destroy buildings pure sound was a weapon but no one could vocalize it. Krory again fell to his knees screaming in pain as the scream entered his mind. Blood came out of his ears as his ear drums where becoming nothing but mush.  Krory was defenceless  now and The Lord walked up to the down warrior. "We go to help him!" One of the girls screamed.

Michelle tried to get up but fear kept her still. This man...this thing was terrifying to her. No one faced something like this.

"Now you see you are weak." He says grabbing Krory by the throat. "Now you die and I make a example for the rest of them." He says his voice triumphant. "Though I have to admit The Lord of fire and The Lord of noise could give me more power then anything." He says.

As the crowd stood there they watched The Lord being his gauntlet back his saw reved again.

The final blow was about to be struck.
im am getting rid of two of my ocs

Time Shift my mlp oc since i got nothing for him and well hes married to my exs oc so its painful for me to look at him

Discord and Drake I GOT NOTHING FOR THEM

other then that I am keeping my little Aimi and my bad ass harvest

Also Aimi is taken now and Harvest is still single COME GET HIM LADIES!
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Should i delete my account? or should i keep it
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10 Master chief

9 Batman

8 Goku

7 Leon Kennedy

6 Shy Guy

5 Edward Elric


3 Lord Death

2 You

1 Gabriel Angalos
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im am getting rid of two of my ocs

Time Shift my mlp oc since i got nothing for him and well hes married to my exs oc so its painful for me to look at him

Discord and Drake I GOT NOTHING FOR THEM

other then that I am keeping my little Aimi and my bad ass harvest

Also Aimi is taken now and Harvest is still single COME GET HIM LADIES!
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hello welcome to my channel im lunakilla 40k player and brony i love the unnatural and i love dark stories which is why i like 40k i also write stories do to me wanting to become a writer so look around and have a good time.

no other family here on da

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