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January 22, 2013
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                          Fall of equstria part 7
As spike was rushed to the infirmary polar stayed back in the hall with his helm looking down thinking to himself “why did I get thrown into that portal after I killed the war boss why not Roy or Aleric or even ruiner why me of all people.” Polar just stood idle for a long time on the side of the infirmary wall until a hand grabbed him and dragged him out of the room. Twilight pushed polar to the wall and held him there. “Twilight is something the matter?” twilight took his helm off and slapped him across the face. “You didn’t tell me this would happen you never told me that that canterlot or any pony would be endangered so why is my assistant in the infirmary with blood on his hands WHY?!” she looked down with tears in her eyes and started sobbing she let go of polar and fell on her knees still asking why polar took his helm and put it on again “I told you abadon was  going to be a tuff opponent I told you bad things would happen but this land was peaceful until we showed up and brought this fate on you but why are you crying he’s going to be alright.” Twilight looked at him with tear’s and anger “why because he’s my friend my responsibility but you wouldn’t know that cause you space marine’s are hard to kill so i bet there is still a lot of you don’t know what’s it’s like to hurt do you?” polar then looked down at twilight and said this “you have no idea what hell hole I dug myself so shut up and get on your feet and start walking at least you have strong legs to take you there.” Twilight then stood up and said “how is your life in a hell hole my friend is in the infirmary.” Polar looked at her but he took off his helm and showed tears “many of my closets battle brother’s and friends have died because of me my family died because of me my home world darken 6 was destroyed because of me innocents died because of me and you want to know something I was turned into 10th company Capt. because of it i killed my home and what happens i get promoted because even though my brother who is 6th company capt will never look at me the same way again he hates me for what i did if you want to know my past how about you youse your magic to look inside my head all you’ll see is the brother’s i served with and the deaths of them my life is a hole a bottom less pit with death and sorrow go ahead look and see for yourself.” Twilight looked at polar with shock and a bit of horror she didn’t understand why did his planet get destroyed but she never asked him well she never got the chance polar walked off with no more words to her but then she felt a hand on her shoulder fai stood beside her and sat down “you should never try and compare lives to him his humanity was lost a long time ago he told me everything about his life on the train after the attack.” Twilight looked at him and asked fai about his past fai then took her outside on the balcony and told her polar’s story “it happened a long time ago in his world the chapter of his the iron guardian’s where on a recruiting world he was just a lieutenant under the command of his first company Capt. but one day he saw some kids drawing symbols on the walls he walked over and they ran with fear then polar looked at their drawings they resembled symbols he saw before then he remembered the symbols where mark’s of chaos  he went into a investigation and found a cult of both children and adults that worshiped chaos he then reported what he found to his chapter master and 1st company capt and they made the decision to hunt and kill those in league with them but they discovered that it went higher the planet was consumed in it those who weren’t loyal to the cults where killed the iron guardians decided that there was no hope for this world but polar tried to talk them out of it but he then realised later that there was no hope and asked his chapter master personally if he could sign the death warrant for the planet and the inqutision came and destroyed his home planet but it left a hole in his heart that he killed his own world and his family he told me the worst part was is that he saw his dad and sister righting symbols of chaos on the walls and he killed both of them in tear’s he never said a word for month’s even when he was promoted to his current status he turned and walked off without a word it wasn’t till later that when he met the 3rd company capt of another chapter named Gabriel he told him everything about what happened and the capt related to his tale of woe but told him this quote innocent’s die so that humanity may live you ended their suffering and yours so stand on your legs and keep walking. That got polar on his feet and now he’s here.” Twilight then looked down to her knees then stood up and ran after polar. Another part of the castle. Rarity heard a voice in her head he told her words of comfort and other thing’s then the voice showed himself rarity asked him “who are you good sir” the figure then smirked and said “I’m eliphas a friend to you miss rarity and a friend to pinkie pie I’m here to take off your worries and help you and something is going to help me two symbols showed up and rarity was drawn to the pink one the pink one then flew at her and went in her head while the other one flew off. Rarity didn’t know it but she gave herself to chaos and she will begin to turn over the course of the next few days.
To be continued
what dose polar hold back in his life and two of the mane 6 will fall who will fall and what will be raveled read to find out enjoy
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good work, quite emotional, I really enjoyed it :)
really liked that you did
nice job on it i like it
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