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Shift of lighting part 5
                     The screws grow tight
Rain hindered our line of sight we couldn’t see a damn thing in this monsoon it sucked even worse its slippery on the mountain where on. “Why are we going on this path again?” I shout hoping shift could hear me. I get response “because this is the only way that isn’t in sight of the changelings we can move without a hindrance how does that sound?” I looked at him with glancing eyes its good that we aren’t getting in the way but when it’s getting out of hand like this it’s not right. “Time shift I thinks it’s time we set up camp it’s not good for a lady to walk in all this mud don’t you agree?”Yea that sounds ni...” as fast as we could blink a green beam it right in front of time missing him but enough to send him back. “What the heck was that?!” light yells “where under attack move it!” we all hid behind boulder’s to seek cover from the beams “twilight give me cover I’m going to use alchemy.” Twilight nodded and turn the corner she let all hell reign on them at least if she can hit them but thanks to the rain we can’t. As I look up I get a good eye on where the beams are coming from. “Rainbow, flutter shy and lighting rose flank right all flank left on my mark!” they nod and wait for me. We wait till twilight hits something till we hear a scream from our attacker’s “NOW!” we all run out of cover and head straight up to where the beams are still coming down but thanks to that one casualty we can make a narrow opening to them. As we get to the top we catch our attacker’s off guard and we begin our counter attack. I pull my scythe out and cut down 3 of the changelings and I hit the ground and charge the line with furry in my heart. As I look at time shift he looks like a dancer in the slaughter he looked like he was enjoying himself but before I could say something to compliment him 36 changelings came at me but all I did was punch my way through them breaking bones and skulls along the way and knocking there head’s in to each other hard enough to knock them out or kill them but as 5 more came in front I pulled my knife on the group and cut them down one by one. But as I look left I see flutter shy surrounded by a whole team of them and they jump her but I come from behind and break one of their backs and stab the one on the right of me. Rainbow and time come in take the rest but as I could tell we are getting tired the rain is making it harder to see and we have a hard enough time moving without the mud under foot. “Time what do we do if we keep fighting where just going to drown in blood and get worn out!” he looks gasping for breath “yea... I see... what you mean... let’s get back.” As we start to walk back time gets hit. “TIME!” Rainbow yells and me and flutter shy look in horror “o my god time are you ok say something!” as we start freaking out he laughs for some reason “that was a dirty shot but hey if that’s what a dirty queen has to do to get a kill I would do it too.” He wobbles up and stands tall “come on chrysalis you could do way better then that right.” Time then takes his scythe out and wait’s. “Well you are crafty aren’t you time shift.” “Yea it comes with being a veteran.” As I look at them they look like they talk to each other like equals or friends but that thought goes away when I see a blood lusted eyes in time shift. “Well make the first move love.” “LOVE?!” we shout. Time shift rolls his eyes “get back to the other’s ill take her go.” We start running but I yell back “you better come back and explain to us what you too had!” he looks back and smiles “count on it.” We stared each other in the eyes and we prepared our blades she took the one I made her so long ago and chose the one she taught me how to wield. “I thought you were done chasing love after me so why do you like the red and black one.” I just look at her and laugh “you think I like her as a love no I saved her life and she is helping me where not together she has someone else.” She just smirks “well then who do you like timey.” I just give her a glance “like I would tell the only girl who stabbed me in the back anything.” With that we charged on another striking blows with furry and elegance but I know her too well she is toying with me but she knows that I’m doing the same. We break the little dance of blades and I smirk “well you’ve been practicing.” She smiles “just thought id train to kill the man who loved me once come on timey come back to me and we can do anything.” I look at her with disgust “why in the land of chaos would I go back with you?!” she then appeared in front of me and whispered “because of this.” She took our mouths and kissed me on the lips. She then broke it. I step backwards and fell over as I try to get back up she says “you know you are the only one who doesn’t fall under my spell timey why is that?” I look up to see her puppy eyeing me “maybe because my brother taught me how to resist it that’s how and second I thought I told you to stop calling me timey it annoyed me a lot.” She then laughs “you told me that how long ago I forgot please remind me.” I then get up on my feet “our third anniversary you kept coming up with nick names for me and I picked which one I hated the most remember? She then laughs more “yea I know I laughed at you and came up with one you liked from a book you liked I think I called you loken.” I then give her a look telling her I’m done talking I then point my scythe at her “is this the only reason you came here or is it something else?” she then puts her blade up to mine and she puts her face in front of mine “just wanted information thanks for giving it to me.” I then panic “THAT KISS DAMN YOU!” she then smirks “thanks for everything love also tell twilight I think you two would make a great couple.” She then disappears. I then get up and scream “DAMN YOU!” later.” We had camp set up and thank celestia it stopped raining and we all sat there waiting for shift but within half an hour he comes in front of us with a frown. “So when where you going to tell us you dated chrysalis time.” Rose looked at me with anger twilight then got up and walked over to me. She slapped me hard across the face and I see tears coming from her eyes. “Why did you not tell me you dated that whore come on time shift tell me why tell me why you dated the girl who was going to use my brother and kill my step sister TELL ME?! I then sigh and take her hand “I’m so sorry Twi and everyone I thought it wasn’t worth repeating but I guess I do owe an explanation don’t I.” I take Twi’s hand and sit her beside me on one of the pillows and I sat next to her “it started about 5 years ago I saw a chrysalis beat up and hurt and I ran over to her and helped her but she said she wanted some food and she kissed me on the lips until she was fine. She then thanked me for the meal but was shocked to see my eyes didn’t change color at all they stayed normal well shocked normal if you want to call it that she then started talking about how people fell to their knees after she kissed them and she hugged me because I didn’t fall under and I guess we fell in love right there and then later though I came back to her castle after taking a walk outside she was controlling a young mare’s mind and said happy birth day but I then lost it on her she said she got the kid as a slave for me but I then said I don’t want a slave why would I need one and the fighting only got worse so I left and that’s it we never spoke again until now. Everyone looked at me with eyes of regret and hate twi just cuddled my shoulder “look we all need sleep will continue this in the morning.” as I went to get up twi pulled me down “stay and talk with me for a minute everyone else go we sleep in the same tent to night just in case.” They all got up and went inside the tent while I sat beside Twi “she told you something didn’t she?” I then look at her and frown “she said we look cute together.” Twilight then took my head and kissed my fore head “why did you do that?” I ask twilight then smiles “because I may hate her guts but she is right I think we look cute together.” She then smiles and kisses me on the lips and breaks it and runs in the tent I the sit there and giggle to myself “what is wrong with me I couldn’t get a girl before and now I have two of them on me what happened to me.” I then shove the thought out of my mind and go inside. Elsewhere. Chrysalis landed on her balcony and jumped on her bed she couldn’t think of it anymore and grabbed the photo graph of time and her hugging she then cried and swore under her breath she would get time back one way or another even if it meant killing everything I her path to get it.”
To be continued in part 6 a hate stronger then brotherhood
part 5 is up folks and you will like it and here is another link [link]
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