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Fall of equsteria part 3
Black as night history
As everyone looked at polar either confused or shocked to hear what he said to them where all going to die if this one guy doesn't leave. "polar what do you mean that where all going to die who is this guy and where are you two from please explain." Twilight asked him "where do I begin." Polar stood at the window looking into the crowd of multi colored ponies just before polar was about to say something the mane 6 broke through the door and slammed it behind them." Girl's your ok." Twilight jumped with joy seeing her friend's all of a sudden aj asked "who in tarnashin are these guy's twilight they don't look like us and what happened out side with those two ya know him and the one in black. what is going on twilight?" well twilight explained what happen when she was practicing portal magic then out of nowhere polar popped out of the portal and how everything else happened and told them to just wait and listen to polar's story. Polar then started his story "i come from a world torn by war humanity is on its last feet and we are fighting to the last as you know i come from a chapter known as the iron guardian's a sub chapter of the one of the original legion's known as the dark angel's the 1st legion ever made the man i fought with was a traitor known as abadon the ruler of all chaos forces." Everyone still confused about the rest of the story asked polar what are chapter's and what abadon lead's. Polar continued. "Abadon was apart of 20 original legions but back then he wasn't a leader of them he was just a company Capt. like me. It all started with the great crusade a man known as the emperor united humanity under one banner and one goal to take the galaxy for humanity and science. But later in the year's we found his long lost son's the first being Horus and later more where found but Horus was paid attention to the most the emperor taught him everything he needed to know and how to lead people but after a long time the emperor left leaving Horus in command of the crusade as war master everyone thought this was a great idea but it wasn't. After a fight on a moon called davin Horus was badly hurt by a traitor and was dying but that was just the beginning. A Chaplin from the legion of the word bearer's named Erebus yoused this chance to make the already weak Luna wolves follow his word's into "healing the war master" and said that the people of davin can help them sadden from the thought of their fore father and agreed to it. After 3 days of healing Horus was possessed by a daemon and corrupted by chaos after doing the rest of his father's order's Horus corrupted 6 legions and their Primark's to his side and killed the loyalist's with in there legion's and attacked the loyalist legion's with smart and destructive attack's finally the Horus heresy after a few years of it going on Horus and his fleet's showed up on the emperor's door step and the final battle started with both side's not willing to back down but after a risky attack on a important traitor space port the loyalist's took it and stopped reinforcement's from the traitor's coming down to aid them Horus then lifted his ship's shield's for unknown reasons and the emperor and his son's rogal dorn and signius took a special group of marines to the ship but the teleporter malfuncuend either do to the war master or some other force everyone got scattered but signius was the first to reach him but even with his strength he was no match for his brother and was slain by him. The next challenger was the emperor the battle raged but the emperor was beat and was barely alive  but the emperor stood up again and used his physkick power's to kill Horus but after the battle the traitor's recovered Horus's body and fled to the eye of terror while the loyalist put the emperor broken body into the golden throne to power all of the star map's in the inperium but we do not know how abadon became leader or how he united all of chaos under his banner" everyone was shocked to hear this story and was terrified of it they had no clue what to do or how to deal with this neither did polar only time will tell.
To be continued
part 3
lunakilla98 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
so who like's the story so far give your opinions and ill listen
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