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Fall of equsteria
( ok for all of u that think this is just about mlp it is and isn't this story takes 40k full metal alchemist and thusbasa all wraped in one and the main villain's are abadon and discord and the hero's are a techmarien syoran and fai and kurugagone and ed and al with the main 6 so enjoy).
As the portal finally closed twilight and spike are amazed to see what they brought through he wore giant crimson armour with an emblem that had a sword with fire around it. It was strange though he had a weird looking arm on his back and the weird metal thing in his hand was huge it couldn't be a sword but it couldn't be something else. "Twilight". Spike asked "yes" twilight responded "who is this guy he looks like a knight but he's walking on his two legs like i do" twilight looked at him dumbfounded and knew he had a good question she couldn't answer without research all of a sudden the giant warrior spoke "where in holy terra am i and what in the emperor's name are you!" twilight and spike shuddered in fear from the mighty voice yelling at them "ummm" twilight stuttered "I'm twilight sparkle and this is my assistant spike. Now why don't you introduce yourself?" the warrior looked at them and twilight couldn't tell if he was angry or scared finally he spoke "my name is techmarien polar 1. 10th company Capt. of the iron guardian's and I demand where I am!"  Twilight and spike where now scared of the giant and twilight just barely answer's "you're in pony Ville a small town in equsteria." Polar just stood still and immediately rush for the door and broke through it and looked around all he saw was pony's looking at him and many other's starting to walk close to him and shouted "where in throne of terra am i!" and he fell to his knee's clutching the ground twilight walked behind him and put her hoof on his back he immediately grabbed the hoof and grabbed her throat and started squeezing it leaving twilight to gasp for air and just barely try's talking " please...... let... me ...go" twilight gasped and polar let her go leaving her to regain her breath and get up. "im sorry i can give you a full explanation back in the library just come back i....." twilight eye's filled with light and shot a beam right past polar and open's up 3 portal's spiting out more people but polar twitches at the sight of one of them. "abadon emperor preserve us."
To be continued
a story for fma mlp 40k and thusbasa fan's enjoy
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FracturedSorrow Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I would suggest you proof read for spelling errors and places that have run-on sentences. Sorry, I have bad OCD when it comes to writing, as I am a writer myself c:
lunakilla98 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
its ok i do have proper grammar but its da i have everything done but da screws it up
NemoBlub Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Well well. It is a nice story, but on this page we're displaying visual art and not written art.. Maybe we could make a new album for what you've written but we agreed written stuff has no place in "featured".
Good luck!
lunakilla98 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
o ok sorry should look before i post
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December 10, 2012
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